25 Enchanting Granny Square Crochet Patterns

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This ebook is the result of a Meticulous Selection of the 25 Enchanting Granny Square Crochet Patterns that you can find in the world of crochet.

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Each one contains ...

  • Step-by-step instructions with text and images so you can follow a sequence without missing any details.

  • Full list of materials to use so you can organize and gather everything before you start.

  • List of stitches and abbreviations so you can easily understand each pattern and avoid falling into confusion.

  • The values of tension (Gauge) that you must use in the project to avoid that your pattern ends up deformed.

  • Pattern diagram so you have an extra visual guide.

  • Section of useful tips where good practices, precautions, etc. are explained.

  • (The number of details in each pattern may vary as needed)

What do they say about our content?

Every pattern is lovely! I love making granny squares and these 25 ideas show that there are almost endless things that can be done with them.

Mary Harris

I was wanting to go back to my grandmother's teachings and I came here. I love patterns and I think it's great that they have included all that variety of ways to put them together, it is very helpful!

Jennifer Ross

I was teaching my daughter to knit granny squares and I bought this ebook to create things together. We are delighted with the variety of patterns. Thank you!

Michelle Cote

My granddaughter loves the granny squares because of the beautiful colors that can be combined. This ebook has given me many ideas to make and give him. I love that this style is back in fashion!

Barbara Levesque

Additional Features…

In addition, when you buy The 25 Enchanting Granny Square Crochet Patterns, you receive 2 Essential Complements as GIFTS:

17 Best Ways to Join Granny Square

In this ebook (100% Beginners Friendly), you will find a selection of 17 Ways to join the granny squares to be able to make different patterns such as blankets, scarves, cushions, clothes, etc.

We hope this overview can help you decide which method to use for your next Granny Square project.

Some of the ways to join that you will find:

  • Flat Slip Stitch Zig Zag Join

  • Single Crochet Join

  • Slip Stitch Method

  • Invisible Seam Join

  • Reverse Mattress Stitch

  • ClusterJoin

  • Simulated Braid

  • Flat Double Crochet Join

  • Scallop Join

  • Whip Stitch Join

  • Learn How to Block Granny Square

    Granny squares are such a versatile crochet motif. They can be made in any size, with a huge array of different colors and designs, and joined together to make all kinds of projects.

    But when you first make your granny squares, they look a little misshapen and lumpy.

    Blocking a granny square neatens up the shape and gives it nice, crisp corners. It's also useful for making sure each granny is exactly the same size, which makes joining them together with a breeze.

    Table of Contents:

    • How to block a granny square.

    • How to Make a granny square blocking template

    • Detailed instructions and step-by-step procedure

    • DIY Blocking Station for Crochet Granny Squares

    • Material's list.

    • Assembly instructions with photos


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