What People Say About Us?

Thank you very much Maggie! I feel very happy to finally be able to understand and read the patterns without any problem!

Caroline Davis

Since I can remember, I had problems with the Yarn tension, it was something that really frustrated me. Since I joined Maggie's program, I can say that it's a thing of the past ...

Amanda Miller

I wasted a lot of time looking for patterns, and when I found one, I could not understand it. Now I use my free time just to crochet, which is what really fascinates me.

Katherine Thomas

The technical terms and the differences between US and UK patterns made me crazy! Now I understand them and I can not believe how simple it was. Thanks, Maggie!

Norma Hernandez

I have been crocheting for more than 20 years and the satisfaction that I feel now with the Perfect Crochet Method has never been felt before ... I am Happy!

Nelda Brown

Being able to go from being a "watcher" of patterns to being the one who makes them is a dream fulfilled.

Lisa Walker

I was disappointed and wanting to leave crochet when I found this support group, having people who help you in a disinterested way is priceless!

Emma Kim

I am a crochet beginner and my problem was to be able to read patterns, I needed something more simple and well explained. With this incredible method I am learning more and more and I feel Great!

Sophia Cooper

Thank you, Maggie, today I can crochet so relaxed that I can even enjoy the texture of yarn touching my fingers.

Cindy Manary

I was very disappointed by the lack of time and how complicated it is to find good patterns. Thanks to Maggie and her perfect method of crochet I am super happy and now I really enjoy the moments when I crochet.

Ruby Brooks

What made me feel devastated was having to unravel many times and start over and over again. I dreamed of seeing my grandchildren using my designs, but I could not finish them. I joined Maggie's program and now I enjoy making crochet for my 3 grandchildren and for the whole family!

Olivia Parker

What I enjoy most is the freedom to understand any information and be able to put it into practice, I am very motivated!

Sara Wilcox

Due to the problems with tension, I could never make my projects look nice as in the photos of the patterns. I never imagined that only for reading the gift book I would have the satisfaction of being able to see my works finished. It's great!

Sara Peterson

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