About me...


My name is Maggie.

Since I was little, I love crochet, when I was 8 years old I saw my grandmother Helen crocheting sitting in the old and crusty wooden armchair.

She was the one who taught me my first stitches and a bit more ...

With the passing of years, the different situations of life made me move away from this beautiful activity and consequently I lost the skill I had inherited.

When I grow up, I tried several times to look for videos or tutorials to learn, but they were really difficult for me to understand...

...the language, the abbreviations, and the technical terms ended up frustrating me.

However, I always kept hoping to find patterns that I could understand…

...with easy and simple instructions that were accessible and that I could download and print.

And in the best case, to be able to have someone to support me and resolve any doubts that may arise in the process.

I needed to know at every moment that I was doing well…

I thought that this would allow me to advance step by step until I could see my finished project, as I imagined it or as I saw it in an image.

And achieve that it does not look twisted or deformed due to the bad yarn tension.

Clearly, my aspirations were never so huge…

I would have been pleased, just by looking at my children or future grandchildren wearing my crochet designs and feeling satisfaction and pride for having completed a pattern and having done well

Reach that point where I could crochet whatever I proposed myself, would have been my dream come true.

It would have also given me the freedom to share knowledge and crochet for charity.

But all that was a dream, until that moment I felt sad, disappointed and frustrated when I saw that I was not moving forward.

And although I was afraid to think that this would always be like this, I kept positive looking for new information.

Until one day…

... buying yarn for a new project I met Annie, a loving "professional" crocheter, a person with a giant heart.

We exchanged words almost by chance ... or by destiny.

We both wanted to take the last ball of green yarn that was available.

We laughed and there started the conversation

At one point I realized that Annie was a person with a lot of experience in crochet and that she was right there in "THAT PLACE" where I wanted to be ...

... then I took the opportunity to comment about all my doubts and concerns.

She listened to me very carefully and by the time I finished my "speech" she simply smiled and said ...

"Come in the afternoon to my home, I will explain everything"

Upon hearing those words, and looking at her face so fresh and sincere, I realized that I was at the right time, with the right person.

And although I tried to dissimulate my enormous joy, it was stronger than me ...

That same afternoon I began to walk the beautiful path of change.

The rest is history...

Thanks to Annie, today in addition to having fulfilled my dream of crochet whatever I propose myself ...

... I have also created this space to share information so that you also can feel that satisfaction and pride of successfully finishing your projects.

I am very grateful that you have come this far, it will be a pleasure to help you!

In the following days I will send you a series of emails with the best information about crochet.

Enjoy it!


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